3 Extra Benefits of a

Lumbar Support Cushion

Julia Hillen, Occupational Therapist - No More Pain Ergonomics

If you are sitting for long periods of time with lower back support, it's time to look at the benefits of investing in a lumbar support cushion.

A lumbar support is an essential requirement for sitting posture to ensure you keep a natural curvature of your spine while sitting and prevents lower back pain over time.

We have put together 3 extra benefits of lumbar support cushions that are outside the main benefits of; maintains good lower back posture, relieves neck and back pain and improves blood circulation.

Lumbar Support - Lumbar Support Cushion
$60.00 AUD
lumbar support cushion high back for office chair
$65.00 AUD

Above: Examples of Lumbar Support Cushions.

1. Work from Home Comfortably

Working from Home with a Lumbar Support Cushion.

When we think of lumbar support cushions, we usually think of using them at the office desk, however, lumbar support cushions are fantastic for the person who works from home that may not have the luxury of an ergonomic office chair.  Using a lumbar support cushion on a dining chair or non-ergonomic office chair can drastically improve posture but supporting the gap between the lumbar spine and the backrest of the chair.

Without lumbar support the body over time will form into a slouching position causing back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.

2. Assists with Short Stature

What can I do if I am short statured and need an ergonomic chair?  

High quality ergonomic chairs are adjustable to 95% of the population, however, there are some cases when a person may not reach the minimum 2-5cm gap behind the calf to the front edge of the chair.  This is when the seat pan is too deep for the legs.  If a chair’s seat pan is too deep, it can cause circulation problems for short people, as your legs will be dangling off the floor and applying undue pressure to the soft underside of your thighs.

For shorter people, we recommend a seat depth of around 46cm or less. It should also be depth adjustable to allow further personalisation.

There should be no less than a 2cm gap between the front edge of the seat pan and the back of the knees.

If the chair isn't set up correctly in this position for the person, they can experience leg pain from the lack of blood flow and pressure on the tendons while sitting for long periods of time.

If there is still no options for the chair to adjust correctly to the person, there is still a solution!  If you or your client is short in stature, they could use a lumbar support cushion to reduce the depth of the seat pan allowing their legs to be in the optimal position for sitting while still providing the necessary lumbar support for their back rest (just make sure to invest in a footrest for the dangling legs, too!).

3. Useful when Driving

Lumbar Support for Driving

Lumbar Support Cushions can be a great solution if you find you experience lower back pain while driving.  Although some car seats try to provide the most comfortable sitting position, sometimes there may not be a sufficient amount of lumbar support to support the spine.  A lumbar support cushion is easy to transport from office to car, so can be an affordable solution to supporting your back while you drive.

Lumbar Support - Lumbar Support Cushion
$60.00 AUD
lumbar support cushion high back for office chair
$65.00 AUD

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