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There is a lot of standing desk options on the market now, so choosing the right one is really important. We've compile a list of things to consider and look for, before you buy your standing desk.

Height Adjustment

A good standing desk has to offer plenty of height adjustment. Look for desks that can adjust from 70cm (height of a standard desk) up to 100cm or more. The taller you are, the higher you will want your desk to adjust in height. Anything under 100cm is going to be too low and you'll find yourself bending over to reach down to the desk. If you are really tall, you may find it difficult to find a standing desk that adjusts high enough for you. However, you can always add some blocks underneath the feet of your desk to boost the height, so look for a desk that will be easy to add blocks under the feet.

Ease of Use

The best standing desk will be one that is easy to use. What we mean by this is, it can be quickly and easily adjusted from sitting to standing. Manually adjustable standing desks have hand cranks which will mean you'll have to wind the desk up and down. Electric adjustable standing desks on the other hand have motors that adjust the height of the desk at the switch of a button. These desks are the most convenient to use, however will require a power source.

Desk Space

Don't be fooled by some of the cheap standing desks out there. Although they are cheap in price, they are often quite small in size. A small standing desk is quickly going to become a pain in the neck (literally) when you find yourself running out of room on your desk for everything you need to work. You'll be putting things on the ground and stock piling things on top of each other on the desk. This is a recipe for awkward postures and frequent bending down to the ground. Not ideal.


A great ergonomic standing desk will be made out of a steel frame and a melamine desk surface. The better the quality of the materials, the longer the product will last and the longer the manufacturer warranty. Look for a standing desk with at least 5 - 10 year warranty as a sign of the quality of the materials and build.

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