How many hours do you spend sitting each day? The chances are, like many Australians, the answer is too much. The Australian Heart Foundation suggest we spend up to 15 hours every day sitting. All of this time spent sitting is having a detrimental effect on our health and our lifespan. More and more research is beginning to highlight sitting as one of the most hazardous tasks we perform at work. We've summarised some recent scientific findings to give you 3 Reasons to Sit Less at Work.

1) You Will Live Longer

I can't think of any better reason then this one alone. People who spend less time sitting throughout the day are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease and ultimately are less likely to die earlier on in life. In a study containing over 800,000 people and published in 2012, researchers found that people who spent most of their day sitting were almost twice as high a risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

2) It will Help you Lose Weight

Sitting burns less energy then compared to when we stand. In fact, in one study they found that sitting for large periods of time during the day was associated with obesity and that was regardless of physical activity. Researchers at the University of Chester suggest that standing up 3 or 4 hours more each day, would equate to running 10 marathons over the course of a year.

3) You will be More Productive

People who use standing desks appear to be more productive then when they sit. A recent experimental study concluded that employees who stood at their workstation performed better on creative and problem solving tasks then compared to when they were seated.

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