Thumb pain can be caused by many factors, including the extensive use of a computer mouse.

In this blog post we will look specifically at how you know that computer mouse use is causing the thumb pain and some hints and tips on how to reduce or eliminate this discomfort while you work.

Did you know?

The thumb is 42% of functional motion in your hand?

How Mouse Use Contributes to Thumb Pain

Repeated motions such as:

 - mouse clicking

 - scrolling

 - mouse traveling

 - hand positioning 

Each of the above have a direct adverse effect on the thumb as well as the other fingers in the hand.

Tight gripping of the mouse and tapping on the spacebar of the keyboard are also common causes for thumb pain.

Symptoms of Thumb Pain from Mouse Use

  • Stiffness
  • Burning sensation
  • Index finger and thumb tingling and numbness
  • Potential development of ganglion cysts that grow from tendon and joint nodules (over time)


Vertical Mice

Vertical mice are designed to place the hand, wrist and forearm in an upright position, or neutral position.  This position untwists the forearm muscles, bones and tendons allowing a relaxed operating hand while using the mouse.  Users often experience less fatigue and discomfort from long term use when at the computer.  

The Delux Vertical Ergonomic Mouse has a few extra features to support thumb pain.  Firstly, its 'c-shaped' grip allows the hand's natural relaxed position to control the mouse without hardly any gripping.  It also includes a detachable wrist support so that the wrist can be supported and the thumb can sit comfortably with the gripped thumb support.

ErgoSlider Plus

The ErgoSlider Plus is an ergonomic mouse solution that is wonderful for a person who is experiencing thumb pain while they work and requires a solution with no grip strength required.

The design requires no gripping like a traditional mouse, and can be used with both left and right hands.  This means that you are able to interchange between hands as you work to stop excessive use to one hand.  This mouse also allows you to use any part of the hand and fingers to click and scroll, meaning your thumbs can relax and recover.

Another great feature is that it is placed in front of the keyboard, as opposed to the side to stop any reaching and allowing your body to be placed in a neutral position while you work.

Handshoe Mouse

This patented designed mouse promotes a completely relaxed hand while using a computer mouse.  The contouring of this mouse provides a dedicated cradle to always support your thumbs as your hand rests on it and limited gripping is required to use.

Delux Vertical Ergonomic Mouse M618
$100.00 AUD$70.00 AUD
Ergonomic Mouse - ErgoSlider Plus+ Mouse
$375.00 AUD


Thumb Exercises

We've found this helpful video below with some simple and effective thumb exercises and their benefits.

Visit Your Health Professional

If you are still experiencing thumb pain after trying the above solutions, it may be wise to see a GP and/or health professional to see if there is an underlying condition, such as arthritis, that may be affecting your function and productivity.  


Working in the office should not cause pain, and most thumb pain is preventable with the right ergonomics and solutions.  Taking care of your body while you work is investing in your body's future.  If you would like some more information or advice regarding ergonomics or ergonomic solutions, please feel free to contact our team on:

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