Ergonomic Mice Eliminate Pain and Promote Comfort.
Unlike traditional mouses, ergonomic mouses have been designed specifically to promote comfortable mousing and safe work postures. There are many different types of ergonomic mouses on the market however they all tend to fall within 3 main categories – Vertical Mouse, Trackball Mouse and Touchpad Mouse. Vertical Mouses are by far the most comfortable and widely used ergonomic mouses. A good vertical mouse will place your hand into a vertical position or hand shake position in order to operate the mouse. This posture is best for reducing wrist and forearm pain. This guide features some of the best Ergonomic Mice on the market to help eliminate pain and promote comfort.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

Evoluent ergonomic mouse review

The Evoluent™ Vertical Mouse™ has a patented new design and shape that helps support your hand in a relaxed handshake position, and eliminates the arm twisting required by ordinary mice. In technical terms it eliminates the wrist posture of dorsiflexion with forearm pronation that occurs with a standard mouse. Available in Left Handed or Right Handed Version. Wired or Wireless Variety Available.

BEST ERGONOMIC MOUSE FOR: Wrist, Forearm and Elbow Pain


OrthoMouse Ergonomic mouse review
The OrthoMouse by OrthoVia is the first ergonomic mouse with a design based on scientific knowledge of anatomy and the function of the hand. Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, the OrthoMouse is designed to minimize pressure on the carpal tunnel region. The hand position used with this mouse is useful in preventing and rehabilitating other related hand and wrist injuries.

The OrthoVia OrthoMouse is designed using scientific evidence which indicates the risk of carpal tunnel injury can be reduced by utilizing a forearm rotation angle and an MP joint angle of 45°. Additionally, a mouse also needs to be the correct size to fit a hand. The OrthoMouse encourages a good mousing posture and is customizable. This ergonomic mouse offers three different palm prolongers and two different sizes of upper adapters, allowing you to custom fit the mouse so your hand can rest comfortably.

BEST ERGONOMIC MOUSE FOR: Forearm and Elbow Pain.

Delux Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Delux M618 Ergonomic Mouse review
The custom shape of the Delux Vertical Ergonomic Mouse makes mousing painless and comfortable. Its unique design is moulded to fit comfortably in the users hand, minimizing gripping and promoting neutral wrist alignment. The Delux Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is the perfect solution for reducing tension/pain within your wrist and forearms. The Delux Vertical Mouse provides superior comfort and helps to eliminate any wrist and forearm pain.
BEST ERGONOMIC MOUSE FOR: Wrist and Forearm Pain.
Qisan Ergonomic Mouse

Qisan Ergonomic mouse
The Qisan Ergonomic Mouse supports your hand in an semi vertical position that is optimal for reducing muscular tension associated with the over activation of the forearm muscles. The Qisan Mouse provides superior comfort and helps to eliminate any wrist and forearm pain. It features a soft click feature which means it requires less force to click the mouse buttons and the clicks also make no noise - silent clicking mouse.

BEST ERGONOMIC MOUSE FOR: Wrist and Forearm Pain.

Ergo Comfi Ergonomic Mouse

Ergo comfi mouse
The Ergo Comfi Ergonomic Mouse has an innovative and ergonomic design that aligns your hand and wrist in a comfortable, natural position allowing long periods of use without pain or fatigue. It is relatively small, making it ideal for adults with smaller hands.
BEST ERGONOMIC MOUSE FOR: Forearm and Elbow Pain.
Minicute EZ 2 Vertical Mouse

The Minicute EZ 2 Vertical Mouse features a unique vertical design, specifically customized to promote the most comfortable upper limb biomechanics for operating a computer mouse. The Minicute EZ 2 Vertical Mouse is made with a soft touch finish and sculpted finger grips to reduce over activation of the thumb.

BEST ERGONOMIC MOUSE FOR: Wrist, Forearm and Elbow Pain.

Wowpen Joy Mouse

Wowpen joy ergonomic mouse review
The Wowpen Joy mouse is designed with a vertical style design intended to maintain a neutral and relaxed hand and forearm position. The grip is designed with a “pen” like grip for user comfort. This gives the thumb a nice place to rest when in use and reduces the activation of finger muscles. The ring and pinky finger on the hand side of the mouse still has some risk of dragging on the desk or mouse pad during use depending on how the device is held, but can be mitigated with some practice in use.

BEST ERGONOMIC MOUSE FOR: Wrist, Forearm and Elbow Pain.

Perixx Perimice 713 iMouse

Perixx Perimice 713 mouse
The Perixx Perimice 713 is the perfect solution to wrist, hand and forearm pain. It is guaranteed to help reduce or eliminate your aches and pains with its ergonomic vertical design. The Perixx Permice 713 ergonomic mouse is designed with a vertical orientation and a contoured shape that provides a uniquely comfortable user experience. With this wrist-friendly contour support, you will hold your hand in a “handshake position” which is the neutral position of your forearm. This feature prevents your forearm from twisting when using this vertical ergonomic mouse.Don’t put up with the pain any longer. Change the way you work with the Perixx Perimice iMouse.

BEST ERGONOMIC MOUSE FOR: Wrist, Forearm and Elbow Pain.

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